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CCI Noninvasive Echo & Vascular Exams, RPVI and NBE Exams

Sidney K. Edelman, Ph.D., Program Director 
This class includes specific preparation for the SICQ questions on the SPI exam. By simply attending Dr. Edelman's physics class, you satisfy all prerequisites to challenge the ARDMS SPI Physics exam!

Dr. Edelman's physics program is the most effective and popular method of physics review. This course is especially designed for ultrasound professionals with little or no formal physics background. Within this well-organized and optimized twelve-hour program, information is provided in a way for you to understand the concepts and pass the ARDMS and CCI certification exams. If you plan to take the National Board of Echocardiography exam, this is great preparation. Dr. Edelman's course is the nation's largest and most successful ultrasound physics registry review. His innovative teaching techniques, developed over twenty years, explain physics in simple, everyday terms. The course allows you to understand the concepts, gain command of the material, and earn a passing grade.

This course is perfect for sonographers challenging the new ARDMS SPI Ultrasound Physics exam. However, during our Physics and Specialty Weekends, CCI noninvasive Echo and Vascular students should also attend the afternoon Adult Echo or Vascular specialty course in order to cover all of the material found on these CCI examinations. Physicians preparing for the SCA and NBE Board exams will gain command of the required physics concepts. Last year, Dr. Edelman instructed numerous students challenging the ultrasound physics boards. This program is finely tuned, based on the feedback from our 2009-2017student body, as well as the tens of thousands of students who have attended this course in prior years. It provides you the most current and up-to-date information, and insures that we will "hit the bull's eye" in your registry preparation.

Dr. Sid Edelman is the director of ESP Ultrasound. He is the author of the text Understanding Ultrasound Physics and Quiz Card sets & X-zone practice questions in Ultrasound Physics. He has been an advisor to the SDMS. He is best known for his ability to teach physics in a way that makes it easy to understand.


Cyndi Peterson,  RDMS, RVT, MPH
Our Ob/Gyn course is the ideal registry review for practicing professionals, as well as students with a reasonable level of clinical experience. You are provided with a comprehensive course outline containing both the fundamentals of, and recent advances in, Ob/Gyn sonography. The open, interactive setting is stimulating, providing an optimal environment for strengthening your skills and attaining RDMS credentials. Throughout the course, you will have significant exposure to and great opportunity to develop skills in single image evaluation. The number and variety of single images presented will help to sharpen your image identification skills, and the discussions of both normal and abnormal findings will afford you new strategies in test taking.

For the nurse, practitioner, fertility specialist, or registered sonographer, this program is also a perfect opportunity for continuing education. Physicians seeking an overview of Ob/Gyn sonography will find this course effective.

ESP's post-exam reviews not only assist Cyndi in refining this program, but indicate that our students are exquisitely prepared for their exam!

"I've never encountered a person who singularly know as much about Ob/Gyn Sonography."
Forrest Mounts, RDMS


David B. Adams, RCS, RDCS, ACS, FASE
Alicia Armour, MA, RDCS, FASE

The most efficient solution to earning RDCS or RCS credentials in adult echocardiography lies in David Adams' registry review. You will enjoy the stimulating, interactive educational style with computerized slides, video cases, giant screen projection, and mock registry questions. David precisely presents the material outlined in the ARDMS and CCI guidelines. Computer-based practice sessions allow you to develop unique test taking skills under simulated exam conditions. Thus, David's students are well prepared for the challenging exam format and testing patterns found within the certification exams.

Last year's students told David that his course was perfect for the ARDMS computer-based echo exam. Students seeking preparation for both the SPI Physics and Adult Echo exams should register for the morning Ultrasound Physics course and the afternoon Adult Echo course. These integrated lectures will cover the entire ARDMS test outlines for both exams.

Students seeking preparation for the CCI Noninvasive Echo exam should register for the morning Ultrasound Physics course and the afternoon Adult Echo course. This combination will cover the entire CCI test outline for the Noninvasive Echo exam.

The seminar and materials were great! I suggest to any newcomers in echo that it is a must to take your courses and use your materials as a key to success. Thanks very much for all your help. A. B.


Steve Bernhardt, RDMS, RVT, BS
Effective and efficient regsitry preparation is the focus of this program The abdominal review is comprehensive, covering all topics that appear on the current ARDMS test content outline. The level of course presentation is geared to those who meet the ARDMS prerequisites, although less experienced abdominal sonographers will find the seminar valuable as a review. In addition, this course is well suited for physicians with an interest in, or who are new to, abdominal sonography. As in the past, the course has been updated, based on surveys and suggestions from numerous ESP students who took the abdominal exam last year.

Our abdominal course is an outstanding tutorial for image review. Approximately 800 ultrasound scans of normal anatomical spatial relationships and pathology are covered in this twelve hour program. Steve's course outline is provided to you and includes all lecture material, diagrams, and a 120-question multiple choice practice exam. This program is perfect for those committed to achieving ARDMS certification in Abdominal Sonography.

Steve's students report that he successfully "teaches to the test." His focus on the specifics leaves no stone unturned in your board preparation.

Methods for registry preparation concentrate on focused didactic instruction in conjunction with an all-encompassing image review. The sonographic image review is intended to give the student experience not only with normal anatomy but with a variety of pathologies. After each chapter, a multiple choice review is provided to demonstrate a variety of testing stratagies designed to simulate the challenge of the registry. Steve's registry-bound students claim that his attention to detail give them the competitive edge in earning a RDMS credentials in Abdominal Sonography.

"A very wonderful presentation from a person with lots of knowledge in this field. Thank you." Tracey Hornbeck, RDMS


Joyce Grube, RDMS, RTR
This program is specifically designed for sonographers and mammographers seeking a comprehensive, yet efficient, review and registry preparation in breast sonography. It is an ideal solution for those wishing to earn the RDMS credential Joyce approaches this endeavor with three outstanding assets: her total command of this subject matter, her formal education and many years of experience as an instructor, and her extensive clinical experience in both ultrasound and mammography.

The teaching environment will be optimal for those seeking education as well as board preparation. Joyce will use a variety of educational tools, including extensive audiovisuals, a comprehensive workbook, image review, and close personal interaction.

"This course was the best I have ever attended! Information was presented in a clear and concise manner. I wish I could take my boards tomorrow!" Leta Blanton, RDMS, RVT, RT(M)

Now offered in the Mornings!

Robert W. McDonald, RDCS, RCS, RCCS, FASE
Rob McDonald's course is designed to prepare the experienced echocardiographer with the understanding and knowledge required to earn RDCS credentials in Pediatric Echocardiography. In addition, the class provides the information required to earn the Registered Congenital Cardiac Sonography (RCCS) credential from CCI.  This course will also meet the needs of physicians seeking a thorough review of this subject.

Just as sonographers and physicians work hand-in-hand in pediatric cardiac ultrasound, you and Rob will jointly review the complexities of noninvasive diagnosis of congenital heart disease. His interactive, insightful educational style has been developed over many years of working closely with his own pediatric echocardiographers. In addition to providing comprehensive registry preparation, this course is also an excellent educational opportunity for the adult echocardiographer and cardiologist interested in patients with congenital heart disease.

FETAL ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY Now offered in the Mornings!

Julia Drose, BA, RDMS, RDCS, RVT
We are thrilled that Julia Drose has joined the ESP faculty. Her fetal echo program is aimed at the echocardiographer seeking registry preparation and/or continuing medical education in this specialty area. You will receive a comprehensive course outline, which complements the numerous video loops and still images of normal and abnormal fetal cardiac anatomy. Julia is a nationally reknown educator in the field.

Julia's interactive educational style has been developed from both clinical and research fetal echo activities. We anticipate that Julia's seminar students will have great success in expanding their clinical knowledge and achieving their professional goals.

PEDIATRIC SONOGRAPHY Now offered in the Mornings!

Lisa Schuler, RDMS, RVT, BS
ESP is pleased to offer a Pediatric Sonography program taught by Lisa Schuler, RDMS, RVT. Our new Pediatric Sonography review is aimed at the sonographer seeking registry preparation and/or continuing medical education. You will receive an inclusive course outline containing a review of that material identified on the ARDMS exam content outline. Lisa’s educational style, refined over many years, is remarkable and best described as accurate, precise, relaxed and informal. ** Highly suggested to be registered in Abdominal Sonography **

Lisa’s students at Del Gado Community College enjoy great success in expanding their clinical knowledge. We are sure that ESP’s student body will enjoy her educational expertise and be well-served in achieving their professional goals.


William B. Schroedter, BS, RVT, RPhS, FSVU
Jean M. White-Melendez, RVT, RPhS, FSVU
Our Vascular program is the largest, most effective and efficient method for technologists and physicians to prepare for RVT or RVS credentials. This course uses a variety of educational tools, including computerized slides, extensive audiovisuals, a comprehensive workbook, self-assessment questions and close personal interaction between faculty and students. Extensive feedback from our past students who have challenged the boards has helped refine the course content. This frees you to focus on exam-relevant material.

Students seeking preparation for both the ARDMS SPI Physics and Vascular Technology exams will need to register for the morning Ultrasound Physics course and the afternoon Vascular Technology course. These integrated lectures will cover the entire ARDMS test outlines for both exams.

Students seeking preparation for the CCI Noninvasive Vascular exam will need to register for the morning Ultrasound Physics course and the afternoon Vascular Technology course. These integrated lectures will cover the entire CCI test outline for this exam.

MUSCULOSKELETAL SONOGRAPHY Now offered in the Mornings!

Brian Tollefson, MD, RMSK, RDMS, FACEP
This new Musculoskeletal Sonography seminar is designed for physicians and sonographers who wish to extend their capabilities into this area. Our comprehensive course will cover techniques and applications of diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound in the major joint regions of the body.

Dr. Tollefson’s twelve-hour course provides outstanding registry preparation and effective clinical education. It offers participants with a comprehensive introduction to musculoskeletal ultrasound. The program is structured based on the ARDMS exam content outline and includes relevant material on shoulder, elbow, hand/wrist, knee, hip, ankle and foot.

The teaching environment will be optimal for those seeking education as well as board preparation for the RMSK & RMSKS exams.
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