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I just took the RCS exam through CCI and passed.  I want to THANK you from the bottom of my heart for the time, effort and diligence you show in each class to.  The enthusiasm is catchy.  I now hold a credential of Registered Cardiac Sonographer, that without your help would probably never have happened.
Randall Moss, RCS

Just wanted to thank you again for providing your review courses. Students from HACC enjoyed the program. They enjoyed your methods of making ultrasound physics 'real' and giving them ways to remember information. Keep up the excellent instruction!
Julia R. Imboden, MS, RDMS, RVT, RDCS

Just wanted to thank you for your assistance in passing my RCS registry. I recommend your seminars to everyone who isn't currently registered. A million thanks for condensing the material to just what is needed.
Denise Henry, RCS

I passed with the help of your courses. Man you were so dead on about everything. I thank you from the bottom of my heart...
Tasha Tarkington, RDCS

I just took the cardiovascular science portion of the test for the first time. I passed the test without any difficulty. I scored a 760! Thank you for a well organized class, review booklet, and a stimulating review.
Linda Vinci

I would like to thank you for your devotion to the Ultrasound community. Everything I needed to know (esp..HOT OFF PRESS :-) ) was on my exam. I never understood a thing about Physics and have struggled with my Physics examination. However, your approach in this subject is definately unique and helped me to finally understand the material and pass my Registry!
Melissa Bellenbaum RDMS

Thank you so much for the updates. Just wanted to let you know that with your awesome seminar I passed the Physics registry 6 weeks later, and also have passed the Ob/Gyn registry. RDMS!
Christie Phelps RDMS

Took the CCI Cardiovascular test this week for the third time. It was also the last time. After the course and some studing I passed with flying colors. The course was right on the money. Some of the questions were right out of the book.
Irwin Berger

I was especially pleased with the updated Physic's and Abdominal content material. The service and commitment ESP provides is a hugh benefit to many.
Roman Felix, MHA, RDMS

I want to thank you very much,  I got my RDCS and RDMS. Keep doing the right thing Mr Edelman, All I used was your review material which is excellent. Well spent money....THANK YOU
Cesar E. Lopez, RDMS, RDCS

It was because of your seminar and course material. I still can't believe that I passed and am now a RDMS. Thank you for everything.
Amy Zack, RDMS

I just took my registry this morning and am proud to say I passed with the help of your quiz cards,cd's and most of all the x-zone. The X-zone was a huge help. I couldn't have done it without your help!!  I will recommend your seminars, and teaching aids to all of my students.
Natalie Durrence, RDMS

Just wanted to share my good news—I passed the second part (physics) of the ARDMS echo registry last Saturday.  Hello, RDCS!
Kathy Whitby, RDCS

I will certainly pass this info along to my colleagues....I just wanted to send you and your staff a thank you as well.  Your seminar that I attended in April was fantastic and I passed my echo boards this past August.  It has been a LONG time since I took an ARDMS Registry and I was really nervous about it.  You guys put me right where I needed to be!  Thanks so much!
Carey Fontenot, RDMS, RVT, RDCS

I recently attended your Physics Review and the ABD review in Chicago last month. I am proud to say that I passed my ABD exam about 2 weeks ago and I passed my Physics exam today!
Demetrios Georgis, RDMS

I wanted to send you an e-mail informing you that I passed my RVT exam, both on the first attempt.  I could not have done it without attending your review course.  Your program not only reviewed all of the material tested on the test, it presented it in an easy to understand, and more importantly, easy to recall format.  Not only is the course invaluable, but the X-Zone is a fantastic tool for reviewing the material while preparing for the test. 
Pritham P. Reddy, MD, RVT

Sid Edelman is a truly gifted teacher. I've sat through hundreds of lectures throughout my medical career and not a single speaker I can think of even rivals Sid. The physicians I send to Dr. Edelman's course all rave about his dynamic, interactive, and entertaining teaching style, and return fully prepared to sit for the RDMS exam. Thanks Sid, for making this hurdle one that’s fun to jump over!.
J Christian Fox, MD, RDMS

The instructor knew the material in and out. Kept my attention at all times and answered questions with answers that made sense.
Katrina Alexander, RDMS

Thank you for offering the X-Zone and taking a difficult topic and making it interesting. The examples that were used will make it more easy to explain while helping others and help myself be the best I can be.
Lisa Christianson, RDMS

Excellent reviews. I’ve taken it two times, once for vascular & once for cardiac. Passed the exams on the first try.
Connie Keasling, RDCS, RVT, RVS

Prior to the course, I was having panic attacks. You presented so much I had not seen in other materials. You gave me confidence. Thank you.
Gail Kirkpatrick, RDMS

You do a great job. I personally have been successful because of your information and delivery techniques. I have encouraged them (my students) to attend your seminars.
Dawn McNeil, RDMS

Ms. Grube’s lecture was thorough, concise and unhurried. She has as extraordinary command of breast sonography. She does an excellent job and is a wonderful addition to the ESP group of professionals.
Susan Wallis, RDMS, RVT

Thanks for all your hard work and educational genius. I did exactly what you told me to do.... I am thrilled!! I am so grateful that I was able to come to your seminar...it made all the difference in the world. You helped me weed through the muck and get down to the stuff I needed. Thanks again...and see you soon for a vascular seminar.
Donna Reed, RDCS

You've really gotten it down to a science. Your teaching methods are excellent. I can't think of a single thing that was on my exam that you didn't talk about.
E. Gerald Bousson, RDMS

Just a note to say THANK YOU for providing such a wonderful review course. I attended the conferences for Ultrasound Physics, Abdomen and Ob/Gyn - and I passed all of my exams the first time.
Melissa Trapani-Alvarez, BS, RDMS

Less than a year after I graduated, I've gotten my RDMS & RDCS and its all thanks to ESP!
Dawn Brennan RDMS, RDCS

It is wonderful to have someone put in so much work to sort out the important stuff for us. It saves so much effort.
Diana More, RDMS

I have taken 5 of your courses so far: physics, abdomen, vascular physics, vascular technology and ob/gyn. After each course, I passed the registry exams the first time.
Carolyn MacNeir, RVT, RDMS

Thank you again for using your gift of teaching and your compassion for people. ESP is more than just a successful preparation course. Many thanks for the many hours of your preparation to make the courses simply put!
Glenn Morris, MD, RDCS

You are truly inspiring. I owe it all to your courses and to you!
Michele Hotave, RDCS

I wanted to let you know that I passed the special competency boards in transesophogeal echo--in a large part it was due to your teaching of ultrasound physics. Sid, I owe it to your fantastic teaching style and your syllabus. Once again, my heartfelt thanks for your teaching and inspiration.
Bruce Holmblad M.D.

I have taken your classes for every test I have taken, physics, abdomen, adult echo and vascular and I have never been disappointed. I have always passed my tests.
Christine Raineri, RDMS, RDCS, RVT

Thank you for being so dedicated and for sharing your time and information with us.
Marlene Nelson, RDMS, RDCS

Anne is extremely nice and knowledgable.
Betsy Lutenbery, RDMS, RVT

Being here has given me a lot of confidence, thanks to the clear and creative way that it has been presented.
Alejandro de Villias, RDCS

His energy bleeds into the content. It's obvious that this is his love.
Alysia Meares, RDMS

Steve, your intellegence and competence is evident. It makes me want to be your coworker
Cheryl Ultey, RDMS

All physicians who perform ultrasound need to attend this course.
Renee Alexis, M.D.

I have yet to have a better instructor. This dude is just awesome!
Ram Haridas

She is an excellent speaker and is fully knowledgbale in this modality. She has done an excellent job of getting this material together.
Jennifer Rans, RDMS

Her excitment for the covered mateial was contageous and made me feel that I'm ready to take and pass the Breast Registry.
Harold Williams, RDMS

This was a great course! This has been the second ESP course attended, never a disappointment. Thanks.
Linda Schroeder, RDMS

This is the fifth ARDMS exam I have taken, all after attending one of your review courses. I have passed them all on my first attempt and I would recommend your course to everyone wanting to get registered!
Karen Connolly, RDMS, RVT

Once again, thanks a million. I have been to 4 seminars now. Physics twice, OB, and Vascular. I am happy to report that I have now passed all 4 of these exams! What is really amazing is that I went to the Vascular and Physics seminars in 1999. I had a baby in the meantime. So I had to start studying all over again. I can't thank you enough and am very proud to now be able to sign my name....
Krista Greaves RDMS, RVT

Your courses made all the difference in the world. I truly appreciate your efforts.
Steven Wien, RDCS

I give to you a great big THANK YOU. For, through you professional guidance, friendly support, lovely prayers, swift kicks in the rear, or a combination of any/all, you are a part of my accomplishments.
Leah Schniers, RDMS, RVT

I want to thank you for the commitment you have made to ultrasonographers and by the class act way you conduct your seminars. I just want to thank you again for contributing to my success.
Lisa John, RDCS

So far I have passed 2 physics exams, abd, ob, and now vascular after taking your reviews. I work a lot of hours and have precious little time to study, so I need it to be only what is necessary. Thank you.
Holly Dean, RDMS, RVT

There was only one question on either test that you two did not cover in your seminar.
Robin Bridge, RDCS

Just put a big star on the cover of your workbook because if it's on the exam, it's in your books.
Peter Tusa, RVT

I felt competent to take and pass the exam with flying colors.
Amy Boustead, RDMS, RVT

The no nonsense approach is refreshing. You shouldn't change a thing!
Sandra Whitaker, RVT, RDMS

Everything seemed to be covered that was on the exam and more. Thanks.
Vicki Clowers, RDCS, RVS, RVS

I will always be thankful to you and your staff. I could not have done it without you.
Hubert Holloway, RVT

I loved both courses and found them extremely helpful in my preparation. Anyone would benefit from your courses.
Deborah Denstone, RVT

ESP courses are truly an educational gold mine. I passed 4 registries in on year and I couldn't have done it without these courses.
Lisa Rynders, RDMS, RDCS, RVT

Words cannot express my thanks to you for your lectures and material. I highly recommend your course to anyone.
Brenda Strickland, RN, RVT - Yessssss!

The course and text focused many topics in a concise manner. Exceptional, highly motivated teacher who inspires a very positive outlook to the exam.
Donald Roback, MD

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