ESP Live CME Webinar – Sonography Smorgasbord – Abdomen and OB

Event Date: Saturday, December 17, 2022 – 7 CMEs

Option 1 – Attend for CMEs ($100)

Option 2 – Attend for Free ($0) and receive no CMEs.

Registration Cutoff Date: Thursday, December 15, 2022 at midnight Central Time.

Type of CMEs granted for Option 1 attendees – 2 OB/Gyn, 5 Abdomen SDMS CMEs

This Live Webinar is tailored to sonographers specializing in abdomen and/or ob/gyn. These sonographers will enjoy this LIVE interactive course by several of the most dynamic leading sonographers of our day. Enjoy a full day of deep-diving into topics such as point of care ultrasound and its application in obstetrics and the emergency room, general review of the urinary system and common pathology, and overview of the anatomy and pathology seen in the salivary glands, testicles, and portal system. This course is sure to improve your understanding and assessment skills.

Saturday, December 17, 2022


The webinar will be broadcasted live on Central Time. Please plan your schedule accordingly if you are in a different timezone.

CME Schedule (CT) 
Saturday8:00 AM – 3:30 PM (CT)

Saturday 12/17/22 - ESP's Live CME Webinar - Sonography Smorgasbord

Speaker: Amy Puchalski, MHA, RDMS, RDCS

Description: This lecture will cover the indications, timing and safety of the obstetric ultrasound scan, review the basic methods of gestational age determination, and identify the requirements needed to conduct the scan and examination.

Speaker: Amy Puchalski, MHA, RDMS, RDCS

Description:  The lecture will discuss point of care ultrasound (POCUS) and key benefits in obstetrics, summarize POCUS application in OBGYN, and discuss limitations of POCUS.

Speaker: Margaret Battin, MPH, RDMS, RVT

Description: This lecture will cover the anatomy of the salivary glands, pathology, protocol, and scanning techniques. We will also cover the basics of palpable lumps and lymph nodes that may be seen incidentally in the face and neck region.

Speaker: Margaret Battin, MPH, RDMS, RVT

Description: This lecture will start with a review of scrotal anatomy, physiology, and ultrasound appearance of the normal testicle. Next, we’ll cover the ultrasound regarding communicating with the patient and the standard protocol. The last part will cover some common ultrasound findings of the testicles.

Speaker: Margaret Battin, MPH, RDMS, RVT

Description: This lecture will cover the vascular anatomy of the portal system, liver, spleen, and midline structures. The pathophysiology of portal hypertension will be looked at from a sonography point of view. Ultrasound protocol, Doppler physics, and images will be used to understand how to interrogate the portal system. Lastly, abnormal findings and interventions will also be reviewed. Review etiology, history, and physical exam findings for pericardial diseases

Speaker: Susan Davidson, BS, RDMS

Description: This lecture will cover common laboratory function tests to renal disease, identify diseases that affect the kidneys and urinary system, and explain the sonographic appearance of medical renal disease.

Speaker: Lauren Fazzolari BS, RT(R)(M), RDMS, RVT

Description: This lecture will review the application of ultrasound in emergency rooms. Topics covered include special patient care needs, examinations that can be ordered emergently, and typical pathologies seen in emergency rooms.


December 17, 2022 CME Webinar Information

1) This is a live broadcast. You cannot watch the broadcast on demand. You must be present during the broadcast to receive your CMEs.

2) Webinar access instructions will be e-mailed to you by end of day Tuesday, December 13, 2022 for attendees that register before that date. Last-minute registrants will receive webinar instructions the day before the webinar on Friday, December 16, 2022.

3) This program qualifies for SDMS CMEs which are accepted by all of the main sonography credentialing bodies (ARDMS, CCI, ARRT). We will send our attendance roster to the SDMS at the conclusion of the webinar. The SDMS will e-mail your CME certificates to you 1-3 weeks after the conclusion of the webinar.

4) For technical questions regarding the webinar, please refer to our FAQ page:

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