Welcome to the nation’s largest and most successful educational forum offering board review and continuing medical education. ESP offers ultrasound review preparation in physics, abdominal, breast, musculoskeletal, point of care, ob/gyn, vascular, vascular ultrasound interpretation, and pediatric sonography, as well as adult, fetal, & pediatric echocardiography. We prepare professionals for their RVT, RVS, RPVI, RDCS, RCS, RDMS, and RMSKS registry exams as well as the POCUS certifications. We’re known for quality, integrity and efficiency. We are the most successful because our students are the most successful.

Upcoming Webinars

january 2022

28jan8:00 amLive Webinar - FRIDAY, JANUARY 28 - SUNDAY, JANUARY 30, 2022Registration Closes 1/18/2022Learn MoreRegisterCourses:Abdominal Sonography,Adult Echocardiography,Fetal Echocardiography,Musculoskeletal Sonography,Ob/Gyn Sonography,Pediatric Sonography,Ultrasound Physics - SPI,Vascular Technology

february 2022

19feb8:00 amLive Webinar - Saturday, February 19 - Sunday, February 20, 2022Registration Closes 2/08/2022Learn MoreRegisterCourses:Abdominal Sonography,Adult Echocardiography,Breast Sonography,Fetal Echocardiography,Ob/Gyn Sonography,Pediatric Echocardiography,Pediatric Sonography,Ultrasound Physics - SPI,Vascular Technology

march 2022

25mar8:00 amLive Webinar - Friday, March 25 - Sunday, March 27, 2022Registration Closes 3/15/2022Learn MoreRegisterCourses:Abdominal Sonography,Adult Echocardiography,Breast Sonography,Musculoskeletal Sonography,Ob/Gyn Sonography,Pediatric Echocardiography,Ultrasound Physics - SPI,Vascular Technology

april 2022

23apr8:00 amLive Webinar - Saturday, April 23 - Sunday, April 24, 2022Registration Closes 4/12/2022Learn MoreRegisterCourses:Abdominal Sonography,Adult Echocardiography,Breast Sonography,Ob/Gyn Sonography,Pediatric Sonography,Ultrasound Physics - SPI,Vascular Technology

may 2022

20may8:00 amLive Webinar - Friday, May 20 - Sunday, May 22, 2022Registration Closes 5/10/2022Learn MoreRegisterCourses:Abdominal Sonography,Adult Echocardiography,Fetal Echocardiography,Ob/Gyn Sonography,Pediatric Sonography,Ultrasound Physics - SPI,Vascular Technology

june 2022

10jun8:00 amLive Webinar - FRIDAY, JUNE 10 - SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 2022Registration Closes 5/31/22Learn MoreRegisterCourses:Abdominal Sonography,Breast Sonography,Musculoskeletal Sonography,Ob/Gyn Sonography,Ultrasound Physics - SPI,Vascular Technology

Our Faculty


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