Ultrasound Physics

For ARDMS SPI Physics Exam, CCI Noninvasive Echo & Vascular Exams, RPVI and NBE Exams

This class includes specific preparation for the SICQ questions on the SPI exam. By simply attending Dr. Edelman’s physics class, you satisfy all prerequisites to challenge the ARDMS SPI Physics exam!

Dr. Edelman’s physics program is the most effective and popular method of physics review. This course is especially designed for ultrasound professionals with little or no formal physics background. Within this well-organized and optimized twelve-hour program, information is provided in a way for you to understand the concepts and pass the ARDMS and CCI certification exams. If you plan to take the National Board of Echocardiography exam, this is great preparation. Dr. Edelman’s course is the nation’s largest and most successful ultrasound physics registry review. His innovative teaching techniques, developed over twenty years, explain physics in simple, everyday terms. The course allows you to understand the concepts, gain command of the material, and earn a passing grade.

This course is perfect for sonographers challenging the new ARDMS SPI Ultrasound Physics exam. However, during our Physics and Specialty Weekends, CCI noninvasive Echo and Vascular students should also attend the afternoon Adult Echo or Vascular specialty course in order to cover all of the material found on these CCI examinations. Physicians preparing for the SCA and NBE Board exams will gain command of the required physics concepts. Last year, Dr. Edelman instructed numerous students challenging the ultrasound physics boards. This program is finely tuned, based on the feedback from our 2009-2017student body, as well as the tens of thousands of students who have attended this course in prior years. It provides you the most current and up-to-date information, and insures that we will “hit the bull’s eye” in your registry preparation.

Dr. Sid Edelman is the author of the text Understanding Ultrasound Physics and Quiz Card sets & X-zone practice questions in Ultrasound Physics. He has been an advisor to the SDMS. He is best known for his ability to teach physics in a way that makes it easy to understand.



Sidney Edelman, PhD

Class Testimonial

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