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Patrice Henderson


“My test-taking confidence was broken. ESP gave that back to me!”

Before I took ESP review, I was nervous because I never attended a webinar like that before. Afterwards, I felt comfortable and confident that I would be getting all the necessary information I needed to take my registry. My confidence and problem solving. I took the exam once before, so my test-taking confidence was broken. ESP gave that back to me! The webinar allowed me to take full control of the information to be fully prepared to take my exam. Also, ESP’s X-zone helped me to problem solve so I can select the ‘BEST’ answer when taking the exam. I loved how available Jeanie was after taking the review course when I had questions while studying. The review was successful in giving me the information I needed, but that extra help allowed me to understand the information. TAKE THE ESP REVIEW. It is worth every penny! I feel that you are guaranteed to pass the registry with ESP because all the information is right there. No need to look up other notes and books from other sources because everything you need is right there. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have been able to do it without ESP.

“I felt more confident going into my SPI exam.”

Thanks to the ESP course I was able to feel more confident going into my SPI exam. And I passed on the first try! The X-ZONE questions and course materials provided me with a great amount of study material to help me prepare for the test. I highly recommend taking courses from here!

Erica Balon


Samantha Stecklein


“After 8 years of being a sonographer, I finally did it and I wish I had done it sooner!”

Before taking the course, I felt nervous because it was my first time doing an ESP course. Afterwards, I felt confident. I learned so much. The teacher was great at answering questions and explaining things in a simple matter. He was detailed without being too detailed. He clarified the things I wasn’t 100% confident on. He made real life connections and added to my current knowledge. If you haven’t used ESP to help you pass the exam, DO IT! You will not regret taking it. After 8 years of being a sonographer, I finally did it and I wish I had done it sooner!

“This course explained everything in a easy way.”

I was very nervous about taking the SPI exam. But after taking the course, I felt confident going into the test and I passed on the first try! This course explained everything in an easy way along with providing the X‐ZONE courses for review questions. I would highly recommend this course to any student preparing for the SPI exam.

Kayla Lough

RT (R)

Leah Freidman


“It was very visual, and I am a very visual learner.”

Before taking the Abdomen exam, I had reviewed the material but did not feel confident in a lot of the different topics. Then I took the course. It was amazing. The teacher was excellent at explaining the content. I really felt like I understood it better. He took questions and was able to clarify a lot that I was still unclear about. I learned a lot from the picture quiz he gave us at the end of class. That helped a ton. It was very visual, and I am a very visual learner. Anyone sitting for an exam should totally take an ESP course. It is sooo, so helpful. Also, I took the OB/Gyn course after, and I passed it too!

“I really liked how interactive it was.”

I was definitely overwhelmed before taking the registry exam. It covered a LOT of material. But the seminar was very good at organizing the concepts you need to pass the test. It was streamlined and easy to understand. The book provided was the only one I needed to pass the exam. I really liked how interactive it was. I even emailed one of the instructors after the course, and he responded to me not even 48 hours later. The instructors truly do care about helping you succeed. I can say this was the best resource available for preparing for the ultrasound registry exams by far.

Robert Sheldon


Skylar Jenkins


“I passed!”

I passed! I feel that the ESP material and online seminar prepared me well to pass the breast exam. I enjoyed having the X‐ZONE quizzes to test my retention of knowledge. I would recommend ESP to anyone taking an exam.