Vascular Technology

Our Vascular program is the largest, most effective and efficient method for technologists and physicians to prepare for RVT or RVS credentials.This course uses a variety of educational tools, including computerized slides, extensive audiovisuals, a comprehensive workbook, self-assessment questions and close personal interaction between faculty and students. Extensive feedback from our past students who have challenged the boards has helped refine the course content. This frees you to focus on exam-relevant material.

Students seeking preparation for the CCI Noninvasive Vascular exam will need to register for the morning Ultrasound Physics course and the afternoon Vascular Technology course. These integrated lectures will cover the entire CCI test outline for this exam.

Bill Schroedter is a distinguished educator at the international and national level. He is recognized as an authority in all aspects of vascular testing in both clinical practice and education. Bill spent 7 years on the Society of Vascular Ultrasound Board of Directors and as SVU Vice President. He was honored as a Fellow of SVU in 1998.

Jean is a nationally recognized as a premier expert in venous disease, vascular testing and is a frequent lecturer throughout the USA. She has served as an application reviewer and site visitor for the Inter-societal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories (ICAVL). Jean has served on the Board of Directors of multiple vascular societies and foundations. She was honored as a Fellow of the SVU in 2014.



William B. Schroedter, BS, RVT, RPhS, FSVU

Vascular Technology

Jean M. White-Melendez, RVT, RPhS, FSVU

Class Testimonial

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