On-Demand CMEs for Career Minded Sonographers


Making continuing ultrasound education simple

Maximize your time: On-Demand CME courses are tailored for busy professionals.

We understand how challenging it can be to balance the demands of a busy professional life with the need to fulfill ARDMS’S, CCI’s, and AART’s requirement of 30 Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits in a 3-year period. The pressure to stay updated in the rapidly evolving ultrasound field, while also finding time for personal growth and development, can often feel overwhelming.

We’re here to support your professional journey with our flexible, self-paced On-Demand CMEs. Our diverse range of courses, offering between 1 to 7.5 CME credits each, are designed with your needs in mind. You can tailor your learning path to fit your schedule and professional goals, without compromising on quality or depth of knowledge.
Plus, you have a generous 90-day window to complete each course. This not only allows you to absorb the material at a pace that suits you but also ensures you can apply the knowledge effectively in your practice.

We offer the following courses for on-demand CMEs:

  • Advanced Venous Ultrasound Inward and Upward: 5.0 SDMS CMEs (5.0 VT)
  • ESP Adult Echo Day: 6.75 SDMS CMEs (6.75 AE)
  • Fetal Arrhythmias and Three-Vessel Trachea View: 2.5 SDMS CMEs (2.0 FE)
  • Gallbladder, Liver, and Kidney Review: 3.0 SDMS CMEs (3.0 AB)
  • Going the Long-Distance Preventing Sonographer MSK Injury with a Fitness Lifestyle: 1.0 SDMS CMEs (1.0 OT)
  • Heart to Heart: 3.0 SDMS CMEs ( 1.75 AE, 1.25 PE)
  • Hemodynamics, Diastology, Stress Echo, and Cardiac Masses: 4.0 SDMS CMEs (4.0 AE)
  • Intermediate Venous Ultrasound – Step Up Your Vein Game: 7.5 SDMS CMEs (7.5 VT)
  • Introduction to Venous Evaluation for Venous Insufficiency: 5.5 SDMS CMEs (5.5 VT)
  • POCUS: SPI, AORTA, DVT, MSK, Trauma: 4.25 SDMS CMEs ( .75 SPI, 1.5 VT, 2 OT)
  • Speckle, Artifacts, AI, and Going Global: 4.0 SDMS CMEs (4.0 AE)
  • Temporal Artery Duplex and EndoAVF: 2.25 SDMS CMEs (2.25 VT)
  • The Beat Goes On: 6.0 SDMS CMEs (6.0 AE)
  • Ultrasound Physics The Big Three – Attenuation, Angle of Insonation, Color My World: 3.25 SDMS CMEs (3.25 SPI)
  • Unraveling everyday venous topics: The saphenous, edema, and pelvic disorders: 3.25 SDMS CMEs (3.25 VT)
  • Vascular Sonography Fundamental Fusion: 5.0 SDMS CMEs (3.5 VT; 1.5 SPI)
  • Vein Center Procedures – Techniques, Treats, and Tricks: 6.0 SDMS CMEs (6.0 VT)